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The Substitutes are one of the few, if not the only all WHO covers band in the Western and Central United States. In fact, most other WHO tribute acts are just that, bands that engage in looking and acting like members of the WHO. The Subs are not as concerned with the visual duplication of the band as they work more towards recreating the quality and energy of the music, bringing both live and studio elements to the mix. The other enjoyed difference in the Substitutes is that they bring a healthy assortment of deep tracks into their sets along with a reasonable sampling of hits and well-knowns. "This provides a more fulfilling experience to the deeper WHO fans in the crowd and something new and possibly fresh for the casual fans," says Pete Ward, the band's founder and leader. "We hope that the listeners come away with a deeper knowledge and curiosity of the WHO as we obviously think of them as one of the greatest bands in rock history." This 3rd formation of The Substitutes is the strongest line up yet and features guitarist/vocalist - Chris Child, Ryan Waller on lead vocals, Steve Hartman on bass/vocals, Pete Ward on drums/vocals and David Floyd on keys. A righteous display for any WHO fan and an excellent musical experience for all.

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